Value for Money in Collaborative Contracting

Phillip was interviewed at length by Jordan Kelly in her seminal industry publication ‘Cracking the VfM Code:  How to Identify & Deliver Genuine Value for Money in Collaborative Contracting.

You can download an excerpt here.

Payment Security

As chairperson of the Society of Construction Law Australia, Greenham oversaw production of the ‘Report on Security of Payment and Adjudication in the Australian Construction Industry’ by the Australian Legislation Reform Sub-Committee.

Construction Law Across the World

Greenham co-authored the chapter on Australia and the chapter on Singapore in the fourth edition of the ‘CMS Guide to Arbitration,’ which discusses arbitration in 33 jurisdictions around the world.

He has also been interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald for the article ‘Spanish Building Armada to Invade Australia.’

Alliance Contracting

Having collated, analysed and reviewed the commentaries of 40 professionals involved in more than a dozen of Australia’s highest-profile project alliances, Greenham published Alliancing: A Glimpse of the Real World View a report that would go on to be referenced by a wide variety of industry publications.

He has also written on the subject for The Age newspaper in Melbourne, in the article Building Can Be A Happy Alliance.

Construction Adjudication

Authoring Chapter 22 of ‘A Practical Guide to Construction Adjudication’ by James Pickavance, Greenham discusses the problems and complexities of construction adjudication in Australia.

Infrastructure Procurement Methodologies

In the construction section of the 2015 Expert Guides (Best of the Best), Greenham discusses how procurement methodologies can meet the need for investment in Australian infrastructure.