‘Simplify complexity. Optimise outcomes.’

Honest, unwavering, up-to-date advice.

Clients know it’s essential for building maximum profitability, for protecting their reputations, for enjoying smoother project management and effectual contract administration.

Timely. Industry-Aware. Courageous.

Phillip Greenham’s involvement across the infrastructure sector ensures the currency of his advice. He delivers guidance with his trademark, well-researched confidence – a confidence that comes from genuinely listening and gaining a deep understanding of clients’ projects.

With this understanding, the over-production of onerous documentation is avoided. The client’s true priorities are genuinely served.

JBM’s bold approach to procurement contract advice is driven by a real-world understanding of what it takes to keep a major project profitable.

Just because your project is complex does not mean the procurement has to be, as well.

“Over the hill of complexity and into the value of simplicity.”

Most advisors stop at the top of the hill. They believe complexity means savvy legal work.

But within complexity, says Phillip, lies risk. Risk that reveals itself only when a project is under stress. Clear documentation, refined ideas, simple, clear expression – these are what offer truly robust understanding and protection.

Creating Self-Sufficiency

Effective advice should offer insight to the client – knowledge as a capital asset that should ultimately make the advisor redundant.

Beyond simple recommendations, Greenham strives to educate and inform, so that the client’s team can recognise future issues and respond confidently with minimal external support.