Transaction Advice and Management

Transaction advice should seek to place its first priority on minimisation of risk (including political), and maximisation of the prospects of a project meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.

To this end, it’s critical for a project owner to receive solid, experienced, insightful and detail-conscious advice in relation to the design, scheduling and management of transactions – including the resources required to deliver the transaction.

Many transactions lack an effective transaction plan – a plan that clearly identifies the tasks to be undertaken, the personnel who are to undertake those tasks, and the interconnection points between the personnel and the time and resources required.  This absence of planning often results in discordant documents that overlap, unhelpfully, in an unco-ordinated and conflicting manner, paving the way for gaps..

Playing the role of “conductor”, an effective transaction manager ensures that the first time the ensemble of documents are put to the test, they are in legal harmony.