Problem Avoidance, Analysis and Resolution

A project owner’s or procurement agency’s competitiveness is maximised by the ability to attract contractors who are interested in positive relationships. This, in turn, minimises the prospects of attracting exploitative contractors.

Meanwhile, for a contractor, maximising profitability is predicated on the ability to win a consistent stream of profitable, new projects.

This requires a healthy – and delicate – balance between being overly guarded and reactionary, and – at the other extreme – commercially naïve. While it is wise to remain cognisant that the other party’s commercial interests may be different to yours and will introduce certain pressures, this does not mean the relationship has to descend into acrimony and negativity.

Beyond the development of resilient contracts in the first instance, smart problem avoidance and resolution strategies recognise that speed and agility is of the essence; in practice, the longer and more drawn-out an issue becomes, the more costly and the less optimal is the resolution arrived at.