Contract Administration Training, Tools, Advice & Support

Most disputes do not arise because of contract flaws, they arise because a contract administrator is administering some form of “virtual contract” that has evolved in the minds of those involved in its day-to-day management.

The provision of timely, clear and commercially astute advice during the contract administration phase will minimise the prospect of administration diverging from the actual contract. This, in turn, will preserve the position of the client under the contract as it was executed, minimising the complexity of the dispute and reducing associated costs.

In addition to preventing unnecessary diversion of management focus, this assists greatly in the preservation of congenial relationships and project profitability.

Contract administration support may take the form of advisory guidance, hands-on assistance, customised training provided to the client organisation’s personnel, and/or the development of tools to assist in the administration of contracts, including annotated contracts, pro forma documents and flowcharts.