Complex Procurement Made Simple

JBM Advisory is differentiated in the marketplace by the working philosophy of Principal Consultant, Phillip Greenham:  A philosophy and modus operandi based on the wisdom, and the results invariably generated, by simplification of the complex.

Widely recognised as one of Australia’s top – and most savvy – construction lawyers, Phillip spent 33 years with the Top 10 Asia Pacific law firm Minter Ellison, the last 27 as a Senior Partner. For the last decade of his tenure with Minter Ellison, he headed its Melbourne Projects, Infrastructure & Construction practice.

His counsel is sought after for the results generated by his approach:

While drawing on the benefit of deep experience in infrastructure procurement across a huge breadth of industries and sectors, he is known for his courage in dispensing with entrenched – and often cumbersome – legal “norms” that too often go unchallenged. He allows only those elements of historical approaches that truly serve the best interests of the client, to inform the simple, clear and highly effective solutions he creates afresh for each project or procurement.

He provides solutions designed to avoid disputation, to minimise risk and – where procurements do, in fact, need to fall back on contractual contingencies – to bring about early resolution.

Phillip’s strategies have brought about the desired results for Government procurements as diverse as those associated with education, health, justice, Public Private Partnerships, roads, public transport, railways, ports and defence.

In the private sector, his advice has guided numerous international construction companies seeking to vigorously, yet safely, grow their presence in the Australian marketplace. He’s helped senior management navigate the local market successfully, reconciling the risk-averse expectations of boards operating in their home jurisdictions with the realities of risk acceptability in the Australian context.

He has advised on projects as varied as mineral processing plants, complex defence materiel procurement and stream procurement for Government bodies, and ranging in value from $150,000 to $1.5 billion.