Construction Adjudication – Guide Contribution

In 2016, Phillip Greenham co-authored the Australian-specific chapter in the book,

‘A Practical Guide to Construction Adjudication’ by James Pickavance.

Adjudication is being embraced throughout much of the world as a means of providing a timely and cost-effective interim dispute resolution process. As adjudication has increased in usage, so too has the variety of flavours in which exists.

The book compares and contrasts a number of adjudication systems from around the world.

In Chapter 22, Greenham discusses the complex and unsatisfactory nature of the system in Australia.

Published by Wiley Blackwell, the publication can be found here:

Value for Money in Collaborative Contracting – Key Interviewee, Seminal Industry Paperback, 340pp

Phillip Greenham is one of Australia’s foremost legal authorities on project alliancing and the many other forms of collaborative contracting.

In 2012, major projects bid strategist and author, Jordan Kelly, interviewed Phillip at length for her seminal industry publication, Cracking the VfM Code:  How to Identify & Deliver Genuine Value for Money in Collaborative Contracting.


‘Alliancing: A Glimpse of the Real World View’

This Minter Ellison publication, authored by then-Senior Partner Phillip Greenham, features in-depth commentaries from 40 professionals who were, collectively, involved in more than a dozen of Australia’s highest profile project alliances.

Phillip collates, analyses and reviews these commentaries for the benefit of all those interested in Alliance contracting.

Referenced by a wide variety of industry publications, some 2500 copies went into circulation following its 2007 publication. A limited edition of hard copies was produced.


‘Building Can Be A Happy Alliance’, The Age, Melbourne

In 2006, The Age approached Phillip Greenham to write an article addressing mounting concern over the ability to achieve value for money in major project procurement, in the face of Victoria’s then very high volume of civil infrastructure delivery.


‘Security of Payment & Adjudication in Australian Construction’ – Chairperson Overseeing

In his capacity as Chairperson of the Society of Construction Law Australia, Phillip Greenham oversaw the production of the ‘Report on Security of Payment and Adjudication in the Australian Construction Industry’ by the Australian Legislation Reform Sub-Committee (June, 2014), published both in hard copy and digitally.

Published by the Society of Construction Law Australia, the publication can be found here

‘Arbitration in Australia’ and ‘Arbitration in Singapore’

Phillip Greenham was co-author of these two chapters in the CMS publication ‘CMS Guide to Arbitration’ the fourth edition of which was published in hard copy in 2012.

The publication discusses arbitration in 33 jurisdictions around the world.  It provides a very useful guide for those participating in international arbitration and those interested in implementing the most flexible and suitable arbitration procedures.

The publication is now available as an eGuides.

DOWNLOAD ‘Arbitration in Australia’.
DOWNLOAD ‘Arbitration in Singapore’.

‘Spanish Building Armada to Invade Australia’, Sydney Morning Herald

In 2011, Phillip Greenham was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald.  Phillip commented on the engagement, in the Australian construction and infrastructure industries, of companies based in Spain.  Over time a number of these companies have come to play a very significant role in the building of Australian infrastructure.  Leading companies form other European and Asian countries are now participating in the Australian marketplace in competition with Spanish and Australian.


‘Australia’s Need for Infrastructure and how it might be met, Expert Guides, The Best of the Best

In 2015, in the Construction section of Expert Guides, Best of the Best, Greenham discussed the need for investment in infrastructure in Australia and how procurement methodologies might be relied upon and developed to meet this need.